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Finally, NBRS has a safe-haven from the spam-infested porn-infected hornet's nest of advertising that is myspace. Let's get to some news:

Item #1: We have a website (obviously)! Feel free to let us know what you think.

Item #2: Last week, the final master of our album was sent off to be pressed, and we expect these to be available for purchase in late March! Also, we're releasing .mp3s of the album for FREE in the music section. Go creative commons!

Item #3: As you might've heard, we're releasing the album with a video DVD of our powerpoint presentations. Check out the STORE for more info.

An Introduction

Hello and welcome to the homepage for the band known as Nuclear Biologist Rocket Surgeons. Our music is science/education-themed, with visual (Powerpoint) presentations accompanying each song. We aim to make interesting, genre-jumping, avant garde, but 100% sincere music.

Below you'll notice a few videos of said powerpoints. Head over to the music page to download our album for free. If you really enjoy it, you can buy a hard copy of our album for $7.50 directly from us which includes a DVD of all our powerpoints synced to music in high-quality video. Oh, and for US orders we'll cover shipping!

Riboflavin (part 1 of 2)

Onomatopoeias Researched!

Compliance Failures

Riboflavin (part 2 of 2)